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1.2c - 2-10% speed-up on most modern GPUs 1.2b - AESNI bug on stored files really fixed 1.2a - CUDA version is obsolete because OpenCL speed is the same or better - a little faster on newest NVIDIA GPUs (Maxwell, Pascal). AMD Polaris support. 1.2 - 64-bit version, 32-bit is now obsolete. Up to 5-20% speed-up on different archive types. 1.1b - NVIDIA Maxwell support. - Intel GPU suppurt temporarily removed due to a lot of errors in Intel OpenCL driver. 1.1a - WinXP support fixed. But future WinXP support is not guaranteed. 1.10 - Haswell AVX2 support, 2 times faster, CPU rate up to 4.50! - Linking CUDA 5.5 surprisingly resulted in 30%-50% speed-up on Fermi and Kepler cards - Intel HD grapichs OpenCL support - AMD XOP code enhanced - -n option to specify GPU device number 1.05 - serious bug (password not found) fixed - correct recognition of AMD APUs 1.04 - non-ASCII passwords are now working 1.03a - fixed OpenCL AMD GCN bug with -d2 option 1.03 - Kepler tuning - GPU rate and grid size are calculated more accurately - due to a lot of OpenCL compiler errors, the self test is included. (OpenCL version only) 1.02 - serious bug (false negative) fixed 1.01 - up to 3% brute-force attack speed-up on CPU, up to 10% dictionary attack speed-up 1.0 BETA: - GPU support using CUDA and OpenCL, including Kepler and AMD GCN GPUs - more accurate CPU rate and SHA-256 clocks. Turn Turbo Boost off when to get correct results! 0.95 BETA: - AMD FX (Bulldozer) code added 0.9 BETA: - First version released.

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